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Farmers' Market Nutrition Program (FMNP)
Home Delivery Pilot

What is the FMNP Home Delivery Pilot?

  • For those WIC FMNP participants who have not yet spent their FMNP (Get Fresh) benefits at the farmers market, participants can order fresh produce online and get it delivered to their door! Get Fresh checks must be signed and given to the driver at the time of the delivery. 

Am I eligible to participate in the FMNP Home Delivery Pilot?

  • Eligible participants must have at least $10 in Get Fresh benefits (2 orange checks) that have not yet been redeemed at the market

  • Eligible participants must live in Ward 7 or Ward 8

  • You must be a DC WIC participant or a DC WIC participant's authorized representative or proxy (as listed in the WIC ID folder)

How does it work?

  • Eligible participants will place an order online at by Tuesday at 12 PM 

  • Participants must spend a minimum of $10 on fresh fruits, vegetables, and cut herbs using their Get Fresh checks

  • Participants will select "pay with Get Fresh checks" and enter all check numbers that will be used for the produce order (i.e. $10.00 order = 2 individual Get Fresh check numbers)

  • Participants will exchange their signed Get Fresh checks with the delivery driver when produce delivery is made

  • All deliveries will be made by Thursday (11/18)

  • Participants will show the delivery driver their WIC ID folder during delivery

What can I expect after I place my produce order online?

  • Participants will be contacted by phone on Sunday and Monday to confirm their order and schedule a delivery window on the following Thursday

  • On the delivery day, participants will receive a call from the delivery person that their order is on their way

  • Participants, authorized representatives or proxies need to be home to receive the delivery. 

Place order on 11/17 by 12 PM for 11/19 delivery
Minimum: $10.00 in GetFresh checks
Get Fresh check number
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I have more questions! 

  • Check out more frequently asked questions here.

  • For questions about the ordering process call 202-792-7600

  • For questions about the Get Fresh checks call 202-281-5971

  • To submit feedback, email