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Am I Eligible for DC WIC Benefits?

The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) serves pregnant, postpartum, and breastfeeding mothers and families in the DC area.

At its heart, your DC WIC program is a loving community that works to provide you with support, information, and resources to raise babies and children. DC WIC provides nutritious foods, infant formula, breastfeeding support, nutrition education and counseling, immunization screenings and referrals, Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program benefits (Jun – Nov), and referrals to health and social services providers.

And the best part? All services that DC WIC offers are completely free of cost!

Am I eligible for DC WIC?

There are three requirements to be eligible for WIC services and benefits: category, residence, and income. Anyone applying for WIC must meet these criteria in order to qualify. Children cared for by foster parents, grandparents, fathers, and other family members and caretakers of eligible children can also receive WIC services.


WIC applicants must be:

· An infant

· A child up to age 5 years

· Pregnant

· New mom (up to six months after delivery)

· Breastfeeding mom (up to one year after delivery)

Eligible up to 6 months after birth if not breastfeeding

▫ Eligible up to 12 months after birth if breastfeeding


To qualify for DC WIC, you must live in DC and apply at a DC WIC clinic. Here is a list of DC WIC clinic sites.


WIC income guidelines are based on the total number of persons in your household. To see if your household is income-eligible, check the 2022-2023 WIC Income Guidelines.

WIC applicants may automatically meet the income eligibility requirement based on participation in other government-sponsored programs such as:

  • SNAP

  • National School Lunch Program

  • TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families)

I Qualify! Now What?

Great! Let’s get started with your WIC enrollment! If you qualify for WIC, you can apply in person at a WIC clinic to begin receiving benefits and services. You can also complete an online form or call 202-442-9397 to make an appointment.

When you go to your WIC appointment, be sure to bring a DC proof of residency, proof of all household income, proof of identity (picture ID), your baby or child, and a form of ID for the child such as a birth certificate or immunization record.

Get the Most Out of Your WICProgram

DC WIC is your partner in healthy eating and healthy living. It can be difficult to get the support you need while pregnant or raising small children – so we’re here to help!

Our website is full of information to help connect you with the right resources and tools to keep your family on track. From WIC food lists, store locations, and breastfeeding support to peer counselors, referrals, and lactation consultants, the DC WIC program is here for you and your family.

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