Resources for developmental screenings.


Anyone can refer a child to Early Stages. Using some of the advice below can go a long way towards creating positive outcomes when you refer.  

Listen to parent concerns, or if you are a parent, trust your gut.

Parents know their children best. They are often the first to pick up on a missed milestone or challenge. Any concern is worthy of a referral. The best referrals happen when parents and trusted partners make the referral together. Partners can include teachers, pediatricians, or case workers.

Identify any possible barriers to family engagement in the referral process. If you are a parent, share any barriers you are facing.

Parents may be nervous about referring for many reasons. They have a lot to juggle in this process: transportation, scheduling, and taking time off work for appointments. They may also be worried that their child will be judged for having a delay or disability. At Early Stages, we work closely with referrers and parents to overcome barriers.

Educate yourself!

Early Stages has professional development trainings and parent workshops. Topics include early childhood developmental milestones and the referral and evaluation process. The more you know, the better prepared you will be to support a child through this process.  

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