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Vendor Application Process

To be considered for authorization as a WIC vendor in the District of Columbia, a supermarket, grocery store, commissary, or pharmacy must:

   1. Request an Application Package                                                                                                                                                         

  • Contact the State Agency at to request an application package, which contains the        following blank documents:

    • Vendor Onboarding Checklist 

    • Vendor Application 

    • Store Information Sheet 

    • Pharmacy Price List (for pharmacies only)


   2. Return the Application Package

  • Submit all completed materials together to the State Agency via email at  


   3. Sign and Return the Vendor Agreement and Food Price List

  • Once the application package has been reviewed and approved by the State Agency, they will send the applicant:


For All Vendor Applicants:

  • Vendor Agreement – indicates applicant’s assigned vendor peer group and related requirements 


For Grocery (non-pharmacy) Applicants:

  • Minimum Stocking Requirement checklist – indicates the stocking levels which the applicant must meet before DC WIC will provide the final trainings and materials needed for the applicant to begin processing WIC checks

  • Food Price List – collects prices for all WIC food items, which must be entered into the management information system before the applicant can process WIC checks


  • The applicant must complete and return all forms listed above within five (5) business days and select a time for the State Agency to perform manager and cashier training, as well as the pre-authorization visit (options will be provided in the State Agency’s email).

Helpful Materials:



Determination Period

Applications are reviewed within 60-90 days of receipt. If the application is not complete, a notice of incomplete items will be sent and the application will not be processed further.

Authorization Process

Once your signed Vendor Agreement has been received, the State Agency will schedule a time to complete the authorization process. The following steps will take place 1-2 weeks before your store opens, or as close to the start of WIC authorization as possible (for stores already operating). These steps include the following action items:

1. New store authorization training

  •     The State Agency will provide training on WIC policies and procedures


2. Pre-authorization visit; the State Agency will:

  • Review stocking standards and verify shelf prices

  • Provide shelf labels, WIC posters, WIC Folder & Food Lists

  • Provide the vendor’s unique DC WIC vendor stamp


3. Place labels next to WIC-approved foods, reference materials at registers, and hang WIC-Authorized posters 


4. Start selling to WIC Customers!


Duration of Authorization

A supermarket, grocery store, commissary, or pharmacy may apply for authorization as a DC WIC vendor at any time. DC WIC vendors are authorized in three-year cycles. If a vendor becomes authorized during the middle of this cycle, they will be re-authorized with the other vendors at the end of the respective cycle. For example, the current vendor authorization cycle runs from October 1, 2019 to September 30, 2022. A vendor authorized in September 2020 will sign a Vendor Agreement stating the date of their initial authorization, with an end date of September 30, 2022.


The DC WIC State Agency will work with authorized vendors to fulfill reauthorization requirements between July and September prior to the new authorization cycle.

Applicable Regulations, Statutes and Administrative Rules

Federal Regulations 7 CFR Part 246