Vendor Application Process


1. FAQs (PDF)


2. Application Checklist (PDF)


3. Have an acceptable history with WIC and other food and nutrition service programs of USDA.


4. Meet the minimum inventory requirements at the time of the on-site review and thereafter if approved for the program.
Minimum Stocking Requirements Checklist


5. Food products must be on the current WIC approved food list Approved Food List (PDF)


Application Materials:

All applications MUST be complete, and all supporting documentation MUST be submitted with the application in order to accurately assess the eligibility of each retail store for a WIC Vendor Agreement.

Vendor Application (PDF)
Each Vendor store applying for the WIC Authorization must complete a WIC Vendor Application. Vendor applicants must complete all required application forms and submit to the DC WIC State Agency. All information MUST be complete.


Vendor Food Price List (PDF)
Each food market applicant must complete and return the Food Price List with the Vendor Application. Stores must list the current shelf price, not sale prices, of all WIC-approved foods the store currently has in stock. The person completing the Food Price List must sign and date where indicated. Caution: Applicants must meet the minimum stocking requirements for each food category listed.

Pharmacy Commodity Price List (PDF)

Each pharmacy applicant must complete and return the Pharmacy Commodity Price Listing (CPL) with the Vendor Application. Stores must list the current shelf price, not sale prices, of all WIC-approved special formulas in stock. Pharmacy prices are collected on a quarterly basis. The person completing the CPL must sign and date where indicated. Caution: Applicants must ensure that special formulas can be ordered through a licensed or authorized manufacturer, distributor, or wholesaler within 48 hours for WIC Participants.

Authorized DC WIC vendors are required to purchase all infant formulas from licensed or authorized manufacturers, distributors, or wholesalers.  A list of approved infant formula sources is available on the following listing: Authorized Distributors/Wholesalers (PDF)


Duration of Authorization

At least once every three years, the DC WIC State Agency will conduct a review of all stores in a given area. A store’s authorization or reauthorization shall remain in effect until the State Agency acts on the store’s application for reauthorization unless terminated earlier.

Applicable Regulations, Statutes and Administrative Rules

Federal Regulations 7 CFR Part 246


Determination Period

Applications are reviewed within 60-90 days of receipt of complete applications. If the application is not complete, a notice of incomplete items will be sent and the application will not be processed further.



Vendor Management

Phone: (202) 442-9397


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