WIC FAMILIES: Breastfeeding
DC Breastfeeding Rights:


  1. Women can breastfeed in any public or private location.

  2. Employers must accommodate any mothers who need to pump their breastmilk. 


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Breast Fed is Best Fed!

Breastfeeding promotion and support is an integral part of the WIC Program.  The WIC Program provides:

Free Breastfeeding classes are offered for anyone interested in breastfeeding. Learn more on what to expect and how to breastfeed at the Beautiful Beginnings Club.

Click here to see the latest class schedule for the Beautiful Beginnings Club.

Participants who only breast-feed their babies receive a special food package.

The package includes canned fish and additional amounts of cheese, juice, and peanut butter or dry beans.

Trained breastfeeding personnel ready to assist mothers in making informed decisions about their infant feeding choice.

Breastfeeding peer counselors to provide support and counseling to WIC mothers.

Breastfeeding aids, such as manual and electric pumps or referrals to these items.

Referrals to lactation consultants.

Did you know? DC WIC now offers access to Pacify memberships to eligible participants – for FREE!

Pacify connects you with live Lactation Consultants who are available 24/7 via video to offer breastfeeding support and answer other feeding related questions - all at the touch of a button!

There are no appointments required and you can call as often as you need to.


Sign up today – it’s easy! Just reach out to your local agency to learn more. Or, you can use our self-guided process to sign up virtually! Receive your membership code by visiting:


Note: Pacify is only available to download in the App Store or Google Play Store.