Keeping a family healthy can be tough! WIC is here for you.  Use the links below to find information about wellness, nutrition, breastfeeding, healthy moms, healthy children, and more!

                Family Health                 

Pregnant Women:

Text 4 Baby Texting system that keeps moms informed

Post-partum Women:

Parent Portal CDC interactive activities, videos, handouts and more!

Infants and Children:

              Food & Nutrition              

Healthy Corner Stores in DC
Find a list of corner stores in your area that carry fresh fruits & vegetables! For SNAP recipients, some of the stores will give you $5 of free produce when you spend $5 of your SNAP benefits!

Meal o Matic logo.PNG

With the help of Doctor Yum, design your own meals based on the ingredients you have at home. For all skills levels, the meal•o•matic is a great tool to get the whole family cooking!

Healthy Recipes:
Shopping and Cooking Tips:

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