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DC WIC food benefits are changing from paper checks to an EBT card (eWIC)! 

What are the benefits of eWIC?

  • Convenient & flexible shopping

  • You don't have to buy everything at once! Shop for WIC foods over multiple trips

  • Any food benefits not used during one shopping trip will be available to use until the end of the benefit period

  • One card per household with all of your family's food benefits

How do I use my eWIC card?

  • Select a four-digit PIN number for the card

  • Use your eWIC card like a debit card to redeem your WIC food benefits

  • Swipe your card and enter your PIN at checkout at an authorized DC WIC store

  • PINs will lock if entered incorrectly four (4) times

  • Change your PIN by calling 877-559-0912, visiting, or visiting your local agency WIC clinic


How will the WIC benefits get to my eWIC account?

  • Your WIC nutritionist will help select an appropriate food package at your WIC appointment

  • One eWIC card will be issued for each family, and will include all of your family's WIC food benefits

  • You will be offered a benefit summary of your family’s total WIC monthly benefits at your appointment

Checking the Balance on Your eWIC Card:

Benefits are available available to be viewed once the First Date to Use has begun. So if today is 5/1 but the benefit's First Date to Use is 5/5, you will have to wait til 5/5/ to see them. You can always call your Local Agency WIC clinic to verify when your benefits will be available.

There are four ways to check the balance of your family benefits when the card is loaded with benefits:

  1. Download the EzWIC App and register your card - you can use the app to check your family balance as well as to scan food items to ensure they are WIC-allowed

  2. Register your card on

  3. Request a balance inquiry from a cashier at any DC WIC store 

  4. Every time you use your eWIC card,  your receipt will have your new family balance and Last Date to Use printed on it!

eWIC Customer Service:

Report your card as lost or stolen, request a replacement card, set up or change your PIN, and check your family benefit balance:

  • Online at 

    • You must create and account and verify your card number

  • Call 1-877-559-0912

  • Call or visit your local WIC clinic - the WIC staff can help with all your eWIC card needs!

EzWIC App image.png
  • Click here to download app at App Store

  • Click here to download the Android app

    • Check your eWIC balance

    • Scan items in store to see if
      they're WIC approved

    • View WIC approved food list

    • Find a WIC clinic near you

  • Brochure explains everything you need to know about using your DC eWIC card​

DC eWIC Card