WIC Custom Graphic


DC WIC encourages community partners, providers, and WIC local agencies to use the outreach and marketing materials found here to inform potential participants about the WIC program.

WIC Brochures

These bi-fold brochures (available in English, Spanish, and Amharic) displays the DC WIC eligibility requirements, what to bring to your first WIC appointment, services that WIC participants will receive, and lists the locations and contact information for all DC WIC clinic sites.

You Got This - bi-fold imageYou Got This - bi-fold image
Mom Strong Brochure - SpanishMom Strong Brochure - Spanish
Mom Strong Brochure - AmharicMom Strong Brochure - Amharic

WIC Posters

Healthy Start Poster

This 19" x 25" poster highlights the services WIC provides and outlines eligibility requirements.

Choices for ChildrenChoices for Children - Amharic

This smaller poster (9" x 12") could also be usedas a flyer.  It describes the healthyfoods WIC participants can purchase with their benefits.

Mom Strong PosterMom Strong Poster - Spanish

This large poster (35.5" x 45") can be customized to display a DC WIC local agency logo and phone number.

WIC Flyers

Healthy Start FlyerHealthy Start Flyer

This flyer details WIC eligibility requirements, resources available to participants, what they should bring to their first WIC appointment, and what to expect during the appointment.

This flyer (English/Spanish/Amharic) briefly outlines the benefits of the WIC program and who is eligible. It also lists contact information to learn more.

You got this Flyer - English
You got this Flyer - Spanish
You got this Flyer - Amharic


DIC WIC Instagram

This half-page English/Spanish flyer encourages WIC participants and other community members to follow DC WIC on Instagram.